Manage Pupil Premium Funding

Getting funding right with FasTrak

The FasTrak reporting system helps school keep track of the number of FSM and UIFSM meals they serve. This is crucial data for schools to analyse and record – as it is through FSM that schools calculate pupil premium funding.

Pupil premium funding is worth thousands of pounds a year to schools. For every child that receives FSM, schools are entitled to extra funding in the range of £935 – £1,320, depending on the age and year group of the student.

The FasTrak system aims to help schools to not lose out on any of that extra funding. The system is attractive and easy to use for students and staff, and should encourage maximum use by FSM entitled students.

Detailed reporting of the catering in a school is vastly important and ensures that schools receive all the extra funding that FSM, UIFSM and pupil premium funding can give them.

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