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Schools EBacc Target Pushed Back to 2025

 Posted 27.07.2017     Matthew Taylor

The target to get 90 per cent of students entering EBacc exams has been pushed back to 2025 the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, announced last week. The challenge has proved more difficult to achieve for the Government and schools than initially e...

£1.3 billion Added to Core School Budget

 Posted 25.07.2017     Matthew Taylor

Last week, Justine Greening, the Education Secretary, announced that the core school budget will get an extra £1.3 billion over the next two years. It’s a response to the pressure and campaigns carried out by many in the education sector, parents and voters....

School Populations Set to Rise to New Heights

 Posted 18.07.2017     Matthew Taylor

New Department for Education figures have projected the increase in student numbers that schools will have to manage over the next decade. It’s predicted that the number of students in English schools will rise to 8.1 million by 2026. That’s an 8.7 per...

Pay Cap Remains and Threatens Teacher Recruitment

 Posted 17.07.2017     Matthew Taylor

The teacher pay cap is set to stay at one per cent this year. After much debate across the House of Commons, and within Theresa May’s own party, the decision to keep the pay cap at one per cent for the seventh year...

States Fight Back Against School Meal Shaming in USA

 Posted 12.07.2017     Matthew Taylor

It’s not good when children don’t get a decent and healthy school meal. It harms their physical growth, ability to concentrate in lessons, and development. But when they don’t get a hot meal, and on top of that, are shamed for it, you...

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