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School Funding Proves to be Key Election Issue

 Posted 20.06.2017     Matthew Taylor

Nearly all parties promised some increase to school funding one way or another before the election. But a recent poll has shown that Labour’s bigger school funding promise caused many to switch who they would vote for. After the British public served up...

E2BN Conference Boots Up Next Week

 Posted 19.06.2017     Matthew Taylor

This year’s E2BN conference is less than a week away. The annual event brings together the leading organisations and thinkers in the world of education technology. It’s a chance for teachers, school leaders, and technical staff to come together and do a little...

Is the Lack of School Food to Blame for an Attainment Gap?

 Posted 14.06.2017     Matthew Taylor

A new study has suggested that the attainment gap between rich and poor students is down to food more than anything else. Children from poorer backgrounds during term time perform as well as other students when they can get decent healthy school food...

What Does the Election Result Mean for Education?

 Posted 12.06.2017     Matthew Taylor

Last week, the future of education was up in the air. We didn’t know who would be in power, what policies would be pursued and what schools should prepare for in the next 5 years. Well the results are in, the votes have...

Grammar Schools Fate to be Decided

 Posted 07.06.2017     Matthew Taylor

The lift on the ban of grammar schools has not taken centre stage in this election campaign. But it shouldn’t be forgotten, it was one of Theresa May’s first bit of domestic policy she presented to the public when she became leader of...

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