Cut IT Costs with Self-Service Password Management

June 10, 2019

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A self-service password management solution is what is needed to ease the woes of IT staff, saving them time, effort and costs. By self-service, we mean the need for manual password reset is removed, and instead, students and staff can start and complete the process entirely on their own.

Cut IT Costs with Self-Service Password Management

Make password reset easy and simple

Password management can be made easy with an overall identity management solution. We all know resetting a password can be a pain in the neck. It’s more annoying if it’s the fifth time today you have been involved in the process. That’s what IT staff at school often have to deal with.

Schools using BioStore’s Identity Management only need to give students one secure authentication to access a range of services, like catering, lockers, computer login, the library and so on.

Password resetting can make use of the same identity management system. Our password management system can decrease the number of calls to IT support teams requesting password resets. BioStore’s identity management systems allow administrators to automate these and other time-consuming and costly tasks.

How Password Management works

When a student forgets their password for computer log-on, they head to an IDPoint located strategically around the school. From the IDPoint the student can use a biometric fingerprint scan, a smartcard or a PIN (whichever the school uses) to verify their identity.

Once their identity is verified at the IDPoint, they can select the password reset option. They are given a simple and memorable word and asked to choose a PIN code. They use that temporary word and PIN to log onto their account back at a computer. Finally, they are prompted to reset their password, ensuring it complies with the school policy.

At no point is a teacher or IT staff needed in the process. It can be entirely managed by the user. Self-service password management is a powerful tool for schools. It saves IT staff time and reduce costs, and is more convenient for users.

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