Councillors Call for School Budget Increase

April 15, 2019

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Councillors from across the UK have called for a school budget increase, claiming schools have been negatively affected by cuts since 2010. According to the councillors it is compounding the teacher recruitment and retention issues.

Councillors Call for School Budget Increase

School budget increase needed?

More than 1,000 local authority councillors signed a letter from the NEU teaching Union. It has been delivered to the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, and urges a changing of fortunes for schools. Budget deficits and stretched teaching staff are hampering schools across the country the letter highlights. To quote directly from the letter:

“The funding crisis has become so overwhelming that according to the Education Policy Institute, almost a third of all council-run secondary schools are now in deficit, and eight in ten academies are in deficit according to last year’s Kreston UK report.

“Many schools are now desperately overwhelmed, as more and more students are competing for fewer and fewer resources. Compounded by biting cuts to local council services, in addition to the teacher recruitment and retention crisis, the current settlement is not tenable.”

Last month the Education Secretary said he hears the concerns of schools loud and clear and would fight the corner of education in budget talks.

New EdTech Strategy to help

Well, whether Damian Hinds manages to achieve an overall school budget increase is yet to be seen. But the Education Secretary has made good on his promise to make EdTech a focus of his time in charge of the department.

This month, the Government announced a new EdTech Strategy. The £10 million funded strategy, aims to increase collaboration between tech companies and schools. The hope is it will cut teacher workloads, supporting professional development and improving student outcomes.

The Government believes technology can be used more to transform, streamline and improve the school experience. We can’t say we disagree here at FasTrak. The use of our technology can help schools run smoother and more securely. Our tech helps more students get well fed each day, and it helps teachers concentrate more time on teaching, and less time on school admin. Getting around the school and using all its services becomes easier for both staff and students. Find out more here.

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